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Your business is your livelihood.

Insurance options for your business are an essential tool to safeguarding that livelihood. We know your focus is on your business and industry, so let us help you find the coverage you need. Save money and protect your profits with commercial insurance coverage from a reliable and affordable insurance agency.

We offer a wide array of insurance coverage for your business to keep you protected after unexpected events. Learn more about each of our coverage options below:

Commercial general liability

You can be held responsible if someone slips, falls or injures themselves at your place of business. Get insurance coverage for medical bills, legal fees, and more expenses from liability claims.

Commercial property insurance

Protect your business property and merchandise in case of fire, vandalism, theft, and other covered events that cause damage and loss.

Commercial automotive insurance

If you own and operate vehicles as part of your business, you’ll need a separate policy to cover automobile accidents, damage, and liability.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Most states require businesses with employees to provide workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage pays medical bills and legal fees associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.

Commercial umbrella/excess liability

All your commercial insurance policies will have coverage limits. If the nature of your business requires higher coverage amounts, consider a commercial umbrella liability policy.

Commercial insurance for auto dealers and repair shops

Protect your dealership or repair shop with specialized insurance bundles for your industry. These policies address the unique liability risks faced by your business.

Insurance bonds

Insurance policies can be specific to your business needs. We write bonds for notaries, contractors, estates, public officials, and more.

Business owners policy (BOP)

Bundle your commercial property and general liability insurances into a business owners policy to save money on your insurance payments.

Church insurance

Church insurance policies are specifically tailored to meet the needs of religious organizations. This includes general liability, property insurance, and pastoral professional liability coverage.

Contractors liability insurance

Secure more contracts and customers by insuring your business. We offer industry-specific policies to best protect your construction business.

Crime insurance

Many liability insurance policies exclude criminal acts such as fraud. Adding crime insurance to your existing policies ensures that your business is covered in the event of fraud, theft, and employee dishonesty.

Cyber liability

A data breach of private company or customer information and the resulting fallout can bankrupt your business unless you have cyber liability insurance to help carry the financial burden.

Directors and officers liability

Your board of directors and company leadership may face legal action for their business decisions. Protect their assets and get reimbursed for legal defense costs with directors and officers liability insurance.

Employment practices liability

Protect your business from expensive lawsuits related to wrongful termination, failure to promote, sexual harassment, discrimination, and more with employment practices liability coverage.

Hotel and motel insurance

Hospitality businesses face different risks from traditional storefronts or other businesses. Hotel and motel insurance tailors property insurance and other coverage to meet the needs of your industry.

Inland marine and equipment breakdown coverage

Equipment can be essential to your business and expensive to replace. Inland marine insurance covers your equipment or merchandise in transport, and equipment breakdown reimburses you for repairs or replacement.

Builder’s risk insurance

General contractors put in time and money to complete each new project. Get coverage for property damage and theft of equipment from your work site with builder’s risk insurance.

Liquor liability

The majority of state laws can hold businesses liable for the actions of intoxicated individuals they served. Liquor liability is a necessary protection for restaurants, liquor stores, bartenders, breweries, and more.

Manufacturers insurance

Manufacturers often require multiple insurance policies to cover equipment breakdown and liability risk of specialty machinery. Our manufacturers insurance bundles all your necessary coverage at an affordable rate.

Nonprofit organization insurance

Property damages and liability lawsuits could destroy your budget and take away the focus on your mission. Nonprofit insurance includes coverages like general liability, commercial property, directors and officers insurance, and more.

Office insurance

Whether you own or lease your office space, you will need insurance to protect your business location and equipment. Our office insurance covers your basic insurance needs so you can get back to business.

Pollution insurance

Pollution insurance covers costs associated with pollution incidents like cleanup fees, legal fees, and investigation fees. These types of incidents are usually excluded from other liability policies.

Professional errors and omissions insurance

Professional liability insurance protects professionals like doctors, accountants, fitness instructors, and more from claims of negligence, misrepresentation, or bad advice.

Restaurant insurance

Restaurant insurance for your business includes business owners policy coverage and other policies specific to the restaurant industry like liquor liability or food liability coverage.

Retail insurance

Because every business is different, retail insurance can be adjusted to fit your needs. It can include a BOP, general liability, and crime insurance to protect against theft and employee dishonesty.

Self-storage business insurance

Insurance policies customized to fit the needs of the self-storage industry includes sales and disposal liability, customer goods liability, and commercial umbrella coverage.

Commercial trucking insurance

If you are driving a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, you’ll need specific insurance to cover cargo damage and accident liability.

Commercial farm insurance

Insurance for your farm and equipment so that you can continue your business even after unexpected events.

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